November 05, 2023

Shady Grove Baptist Church celebrates 157 years of ministry.
"The Promise of Restoration: Bridging the Gap From Generation to Generation" is this year's theme. 
For our 157th Homecoming, we are asking everyone to participate by living out our Homecoming theme in colors.  Each generation will be recognized by the color they are wearing.
Age groups
Newborn - 19  | Yellow: Joy, Bright
Ages 20 -39  | Green: Life, Growth
Ages 40-59 | Red: Fire, Intense
Ages 60-79 | Blue: Calm, Devoted
Ages 80 and above | Purple: Royalty, Wisdom

All Members Are Asked To Worship Through Giving For Homecoming.
Please See The Pledge Categories Below For Each Family.
Single - $250.00   Small Family (2-4 people) - $500.00
Medium Family(5-8 people) - $1,000.00   Large Family (9 & up) - $1,500.00

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